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Terreform's vision for Brooklyn 2110 aims to provide all societal needs within its accessible physical borders. The idea of sustainability is superseded here by urban performance--a city that accommodates food, water, air, energy, waste, mobility, and shelter in radical new ways. (http://www.terreform.org/projects_urbanity_brooklyn.html)

In the 21st century, increasingly urgent environmental, educational, and economic crises are threatening to create unprecedented academic and professional challenges for architects. These dangers, combined with the explosion of information technology, are initiating a dramatic change in the way architecture is conceived. Digital information and construction technologies have created exciting opportunities for innovative structures and new design methodologies. I am interested in the effects of new media and technology on the experience of architecture, the speculation of future architectural and urban scenarios, and the investigation of academic and professional preconceptions in architecture.

Due to architecture’s undeniable dependence on forces outside of itself, I believe a rigorous, multi-disciplinary research approach is the only way to ensure the profession’s relevance in the future. A thorough understanding of the constantly-changing physical, social, and political variables that constitute the system upon which architecture relies is required to truly determine the success or failure of any structure in its environment. The critical investigation of any building as well as its conceptual intentions will come under greater scrutiny due to its increasingly apparent effects on the larger ecological, infrastructural, and societal systems to which it is inextricably linked.

I hope to continue to research the shifts in construction techniques, building use, and occupant behavior that have been made as a result of the infiltration of digital data in all of our daily activities. Many building types are on the verge of a massive change in which they can no longer be neatly categorized. Programmatic hybrids will become the norm, and new methods of analyzing the performative potential of buildings and urban developments will need to be determined. The research of related (and even seemingly unrelated) fields is an integral approach that will help to determine the criteria upon which future structures can be evaluated.

This blog will serve as an arena for the multiple facets of contemporary architectural research and the symbiotic relationship between architecture and technology.

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